Causes of failure of pneumatic valve

The speed and accuracy of on-off valve fault treatment determines the degree of production device affected. The responsibility of maintenance personnel is to quickly and accurately judge and deal with the fault position on site, so as to minimize the production loss.


The principle of troubleshooting is as follows: after arriving at the site, ask first, then look at and start up; first, the outside then inside, repair before thinking; the processing sequence is: first check the external circuit, air circuit, accessories (solenoid valve, air filter pressure reducer, etc.), then check the pneumatic actuator, and finally check the valve body. The following are several cases of failure of pneumatic  valve:


1. The actuator does not act.


2. The actuator moves, but the torque is not enough.


3. Pneumatic valve can be opened and closed, but the action is slow when opening or closing.


4. The actuator operates normally, but the valve does not act.


5. The action of the actuator is normal, but the valve switch cannot be in place.


As the actuator of automatic control system – pneumatic  valve, its normal operation is related to the safety of production process and system. It is very important to do well in maintenance at ordinary times, otherwise you will lose yourself.

Post time: Nov-14-2020
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