Correct installation of angle seat valve

Angle seat valve is a kind of connecting valve, which can maintain medium flow rate and save space. There are a lot of correct installation connection diagrams. According to different types of valves, there are different installation connection diagrams. Of course, this drawing can be provided by the technical department. According to such operation standard, there will be no error. So when we try our best to find the installation diagram At the same time, the quality of angle seat valve must be the premise, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble in installation and maintenance.



Specifications for installation of angle seat valve

Guided by the correct drawings and specifications, the installed reference materials such as pipes must be clean and pollution-free, so as to ensure the sealing performance. In addition, during the installation, there are some points for attention, such as the actuator needs to face up, pay attention to the flow direction of medium, etc. At the same time, the connecting valve should be aligned with the pipe, and the thread teeth at the connection should be matched. If there are some special requirements, special treatment should be taken. All should be carried out according to the specifications. Before opening or opening or repairing the angle valve, the fluid and control air source should be cut off and the pressure in the pipeline system should be reduced. When the working medium is steam or gas, the flow sealing performance of the product can be improved when the flow direction is selected. However, the V-shaped sealing ring in the valve body contacts with the working medium for a long time, which has a certain impact on the service life of the product. In addition, when the working medium is liquid, it does not prevent water hammer impact.

Post time: Oct-28-2020
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